Kemoverse is, in short, my main worldbuilding project: our earth in the early 2000s, but where humans have been replaced by furry creatures known as "Kemonae" and the culture, food, and lifestyle is fitted to their needs. The primary location for my storytelling takes place in the northern Europe and is based on my own impressions growing up, but other locations include fantastical settings in an alternative version of the European middle ages. The Kemoverse serves as a ground-laying world for reasoning the existence of the furry creatures, rooting in our human curiosity and biological heritage.

You can find surface-level incomplete information about the world in the Kemoverse Wiki, although, it's only me that can change the contents of it. Feel free to browse it.

Kemoverse Online

The Kemoverse Online is a 3d online simulator game similar to Second Life that is basically a virtual environment representing the Kemoverse in playable form. You play as a student at the Vara college with access to your own room, items, and clothes; and able to customize how you look and are. There isn't any real objectives to follow besides attending classes other than making yourself feel at home.

Read more about it at Kemoverse Online site.

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