Hello, I'm Amina. Welcome to my personal website.

This place is the home for my artworks and projects, the main one being Kemoverse: a worldbuilding project that combines the eastern furry style Kemono with a post-apocalyptic, nature-punk themed setting in the far future, with an emotional storytelling.

The story is mainly told through a playable 3D online game called Kemoverse Online that lets you live in to the role of a Kemona, a young member of the furry species that has woken up in an education camp on their path to return to town.

Other than this project, I love to draw abstract geometrical and digital inspired artworks to tell complex emotions that are difficult to tell. Read more about me up there!

Do you love independent game developers creating unique experiences?
Then check out my project Kemoverse Online - it's a Kemono-styled game, completely safe-for-work, and features online co-operative gameplay with a comfy community and non-abusive experience for you to enjoy (no paywalls or p2w). The story and base gameplay is free for you to enjoy, with an optional choice to become a funder for $10 a month to help me fulfill my dream.
Thank you for checking it out!

2024 update

[ 16-04-2024 ]

Well, it's been REALLY busy, just constantly working on the game. I'm taking a bit of a break as I've had a lot of personal developments. The site is also updated.

2023 game update

[ 04-07-2023 ]

Last month I moved to Estonia and am taking this game super duper seriously - working full time, every day, on this, trying to be self-employed. I'm planning to show it off at various conventions and advertise it around the internet. Let's see how it goes!

2022 update

[ 24-11-2022 ]

Well, I ended up focusing on the game after several failed attempts at finding employment. I guess it was only natural that I want to focus on my own projects. Well, what's not to lose? Let's try it one more time.

End-of-year update

[ 30-12-2021 ]

School has been busy, and I decided to shut down my Patreon. But the goal of depicting the worldbuilding project in Kemoverse Online is still going, and I'm determined to develop more on it next year when the game will be involved in my Bachelor's dissertation! Thanks for keeping up with the news.

Post-summer update

[ 06-09-2021 ]

After spending the summer working hard on Kemoverse: Online, I've decided to take a break and focus on working on various projects for my company Kemze Studios. Check it out!

Game development

[ 04-02-2021 ]

I've applied yet another update to the site.

Kemoverse: Online

[ 22-07-2020 ]

Hey people! I'm pushing out yet another update to reflect the changed goal in my endeavours: instead of the Novasaga comic I will be mostly working on [Kemoverse: Online], an online roleplaying furry game. I've worked on-and-off on this game for about three years but been somewhat afraid of taking it seriously. It's time to change that! Novasaga is put aside, but who knows, maybe I'll work on it later as a story filler to the game. It's all taking place in the Kemoverse, anyways -- check the "world" tab above for more information.

Site updated

[ 29-02-2020 ]

What's up furheads! I've just refreshed [Kemono.SE] to look even sleeker, personal, and hopefully more tidy. This is to prepare for the eventual release of the first volume in my project Novasaga, a manga series showing off the world of the Kemoverse and the accompanying story. I've been putting off this much-needed update for several years (you might have noticed the lack of art updates), so this renewed look serves as a sharp refresh for me, my home, and the stuff that I put out.

For now, I'm planning to keep the "Art" and "Book" pages on here, and perhaps also add a "Worldbuilding" or a "Programming" section. Maybe it will be like a portfolio? We'll see.

Please excuse me while I stash stuff around the site.


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