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Eating a bowl of food replenishing both hunger and energy levels.

Hunger is a gameplay mechanic added in Alpha 11 that simply controls how fast the player lose their energy. Therefore, your character can be well-rested but still hungry, and if they're very hungry, lose energy very quickly. Hunger depletes slowly through-out the day and can be refilled by consuming Vegetations, Bugs, Mushrooms, and Fishes or by eating a well done meal. Both energy and hunger can be checked in-game by entering /stat in the chat.

The following are pale red text prompts declaring the player's current hunger level:

Status descriptions

Your hunger is intense, tiring you out.

Your hunger is getting real.

Your hunger is not there.

Your hunger is simply gone. Food is still giving you strength.

Your hunger is unnoticeable.

Hunger could never be an issue now! Food is giving you plenty of raw energy.