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Eating a bowl of food replenishing both hunger and energy levels.

Energy is a gameplay mechanic added in Alpha 11 that controls the speed and abilities of your character. It slowly depletes through-out the day depending on the amount of hunger. Both energy and hunger can be checked in-game by entering /stat in the chat.

Energy can be restored regardless of hunger by sitting (Ctrl+G [see controls]) on the ground or a chair and waiting a while. Energy and hunger can also be replenished by eating Vegetations, Bugs, Mushrooms, or Fishes found in your pack or by eating a well done soup.

The following are pale red text prompts declaring the player's current hunger level:

Status descriptions

Your energy is crucially low. You feel fatigued.

This state affects the player's abilities:

Your energy is running out. You feel worn out.

Your energy is getting low. You feel quite tired.

The player stops being able to run.

Your energy is a bit low. You feel it a little, but it's okay.

Your energy is plenty. You feel rested and ready.

Your energy is still there. You feel very relaxed.

Your energy is high. You feel alert and vitalized.

Energetic and refreshed! You're feeling active and capable.

The player can run at maximum speed.